Law Office Management for OS X and Windows

How extensive are LawStream's billing functions?

Very extensive! We believe we’ve been able to satisfy virtually all the needs of our users, for their diverse needs and styles of practice.

For example, LawStream provides different rates for each billing personnel (attorney, lawyer, paralegal, etc.), and reference to trust transactions with each invoice. Trust balances can be credited with new bills as bills are posted to the general ledger. LawStream also offers fixed-fee billing (generally and by time code), and contingency billing.

Billing rates can be set for a file, for individual lawyers, and for individual time-code types. And if that isn’t enough, LawStream allows an unlimited number of different billing rates for an unlimited number of timekeepers for each file!

Each LawStream bill can show a previous balance, the current total amount of the bill, and any trust transfer being applied toward the balance owing. Because LawStream can integrate accounting with timekeeping and billing, trust transfers shown on bills can be integrated with the records maintained in LawStream for bank and file/matter balances.

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