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Will LawStream let me import contacts from other applications?

There is a limited ability to import contact data from other applications, but that import process is subject to inherent challenges and costs.
If all other applications had the same format for their contacts, and if all the users of all other applications used those applications in exactly the same way, then our answer to that question might be yes. Unfortunately (for new LawStream users and for us), there are a large number of other applications that store contacts, and a large number of ways those other applications store and format the data for contacts. Along with that, there are different fields used in those applications, and different ways people use those fields. For those reasons (among others), there is no automatic facility for getting contacts imported into a new LawStream data base.
Powersoft Innovations Corporation does offer some custom work for importing data, at an extra cost for users. If are considering the task of getting your current contact data into a new LawStream data base, please get in touch with us, to find out if we can help. The cost of custom importing will vary considerably, depending on the type of program you have been using for storing your contact data, and depending on the way you have been using that program for storing your contact data. Because of the critical nature of data in most offices that use LawStream, an "almost good enough" approach for data import will generally not be good enough for us (and will generally not be good enough for our users).

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