Law Office Management for OS X and Windows

How long does it take, to get LawStream delivered to a new user?

Typically, only a few working days.
The actual delivery time for LawStream is usually about two to three working days. Occasionally, LawStream software packages have been delivered in less time than that, but delivery time will depend on workload and availability of staff. Note that the three-day delivery is delivery of a basic LawStream package: if you require additional work (e.g., importing data from another application, or creation of special general ledger account codes), then the time could be longer. Note, too, that the work involved in delivering a LawStream package starts after a prospective user has provided the following to Powersoft Innovations Corporation:
  • signed license agreement
  • completed start-up instructions (to be used in generating the start-up data base that is included with the software
  • payment in full

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