Law Office Management for OS X and Windows

Can LawStream help me organize documents associated with my files?

Yes: LawStream provides a solution that might assist you in organizing the documents stored on your office’s network.

Click on the "Organize Documents and Variables" pushbutton in the File/Matter window, to display the window for organizing documents for a file. That window will let you create a list of all documents associated with any file. The documents can be of any type, and any document can be opened by double-clicking on an item in the list of that file's documents. Along with that easy way to organize and open documents, LawStream also offers extra information that can be helpful for managing document flow in an office, as well as brief notes relating to the status and other key information about each document.
And, if you have an entire folder of documents that you have already collected for a file, just click the "Find Folder of Documents for client/file" pushbutton, and then tell LawStream the default location for documents for that file. LawStream will even create a list of all the files in the folder you specify, and let you quickly add any of those documents to your list of active documents for the file.

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