Law Office Management for OS X and Windows

I need a law office management package that offers trust accounting. Does LawStream handle trust accounting?

Yes, definitely! See the details of this answer, for more information.
If your clients trust you with their money, and if your bar association or law society expects you to account for money held in trust for your clients, then trust accounting is critically important. Beware of software companies that claim to have trust accounting features that will be ready “very soon”, and beware of generic accounting packages that claim that trust accounting can be handled with a simple extra general ledger account.
LawStream’s trust accounting has dozens of reports and entry procedures to provide complete, accurate and reliable trust accounting, so you can be sure your accounts (and your clients’ finances) will be in order. LawStream’s trust accounting features have been enhanced over several years of real use, and are much more than a quick month-long (or even a quick year-long) effort. Trust accounting in LawStream also benefits from integration with office (receivables) accounting, management reports, reminders, and other aspects of a firm’s data.

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