Law Office Management for OS X and Windows

Will LawStream work on computers using OS X and Windows?

Yes: LawStream works on Macs using OS X, and on PCs using Windows. It can even work on mixed networks, with the proper network arrangements. If you do have a mixed environment (Macs and PCs accessing the office’s shared data file at the same time), then you must be careful to set up your network access properly. Each type of computer (Mac or PC) would need its own LawStream program software (for Windows or OS X), and the office data file would be stored on a shared area of the network. When Windows and OS X LawStream packages are accessing the data file concurrently, the data file must be stored on a Windows PC. If you (or a network guru, or someone in your office) can create a share-point on a PC where all LawStream users (with Macs or PCs) can have full read-write access to that shared data file, then you will be able to use LawStream in a mixed network environment.

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